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Black Magic

One of the most popular varieties of eggplant in North America looks like a pear-shaped egg, a characteristic from which its name is derived. The skin is glossy and deep purple in color, while the flesh is cream colored and spongy in consistency. Contained within the flesh are seeds arranged in a conical pattern.


Classic Eggplants are glossy, elongated oval shaped with a black-purple color. Eggplants produce an egg-shaped, purple or long, green fruit that is 6-9 inches long.

Mini Classic Oval


Dusky has that classic oval Eggplant shape and is an early variety, making it an ideal choice for gardeners with shorter growing seasons. We love it baked with olive oil, minced Garlic, Onions, and freshly chopped Oregano and Parsley.

Japanese Long

Japanese eggplant’s flavor is mild and because it is nearly seedless it doesn’t possess that bitter quality found in Western and Thai varieties.

Little Fingers

Little Fingers is the eggplant you’ve been looking for when it’s time for ultra-succulent, tender baby veggies. These fruits are moist, never bitter, and full of true eggplant bite.

Shooting Stars Striped

Sicilian Bi-Colour

Sicilian eggplant is a specie of eggplants, which is characterized by a tender flavor and a sweet taste. Due to its valuable nutrients and vitamins (A, B and C) and the fact that it is very low in calories, the Sicilian eggplant is used in both vegetarian dishes and as healthy main courses. Although the edible part is actually an over-sized fruit or berry, the eggplant is prepared as a veggie, due to its taste, which varies from mild and creamy to sweet and bitter.


The White eggplant is distinguished by its size and by its smooth and glossy ivory skin and dense cottony flesh with underdeveloped seeds. It inherently contains less moisture than bigger purple eggplant varieties which actually extends its shelf-life. The flavour of raw White eggplant is delicate and slightly fruity, while cooking brings out a creamy consistency and melting quality.


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