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California Wonder

Certain to become your favorite bell pepper, California Wonder is a heavy-bearing, vigorous plant that will bring you a summer full of delicious eating! These peppers are thick-walled and blocky, with a mild flavour and terrific sweetness. They are ideal for stuffing, slicing into rings for dips and salad toppings, and chopping into crisp bite-sized nibbles.



Pimentos are a type of small, round, red pepper with a sweet flavor and very mild heat. Pimentos are also known as cherry peppers, because of their red color and round shape. A common use for pimentos is to dice them and stuff them into Spanish or Manzanilla olives.

Red Bell

The best known sweet peppers are bell peppers, named for their bell-like shape. They have a mild, sweet flavour, and crisp juicy flesh. When young most bell peppers are a rich, bright green, but they are sweetest when fully matured to a deep red colour.


Romanian Peppers turn from pale yellow to red when mature. Peppers have thick flesh and are very sweet. Excellent for frying or stuffing!


Shepherd Peppers are huge, big sweet red peppers — very much like standard sweet red bell peppers in taste, thickness and colour, but somewhat juicier, and because of their size very easy to work with. Where you might plan two stuffed peppers for someone with a healthy appetite, one Shepherd Pepper should do it.

Sweet Banana

Named for its banana-like shape, this variety bears sweet, mild peppers that mature from yellow, to orange, and then to crimson red. This pepper is great for frying, pickling, and is an excellent choice to make pepper rings for sandwiches. Great for containers and jars.

Sweet Hungarian

Once you are used to the sweet taste of true Hungarian stuffing peppers, you will love them. They are wonderful eaten out of hand in the summer, and their sweetness comes through in the pickle jar or from the freezer.

Yellow Bell

A wonderful combination of tangy taste and crunchy texture, sweet bell peppers are the Christmas ornaments of the vegetable world with their beautifully shaped glossy exterior that comes in a wide array of vivid colors. Yellow Bell are a great choice to brighten and sweeten up any dish.


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